Monday, December 17, 2012

Belt Cuffs: DIY

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You know how sometimes you have this stellar idea and you think it's totally original to you?!  I had one of those moments a few weeks. ago.
Leather belts at the thrift store cost $1 - at least around these parts.  I was thinking, there had to be a way to repurpose them.  Especially since there were some super cool designs on a few.

Aha!  I, Mrs. Artsy Fartsy will make designer leather cuffs!  All I will need is snap sets and a hammer, scissors and...tada!
Much to my dismay...I went where any smart, crafty lady goes...ya know, Pinterest.  Wha??  This leather cuff/belt thing has been done?  Um, yeah.  Like, over and over and over and over.  Did I mention over?  If you want to see a more in depth tutorial, here you go.

Oh well.  So, I decided since one belt I purchased had a neato embossed design on it, that I would paint it with one of my favorite colors.
So, here are a few photos of how I did that with the before and afters.  
 This is the cuff after I had rounded the edges and put in the snaps.
You can find the snap sets at any craft store in the sewing notions department.
 I didn't use any fancy tools.  Just scissors, hammer and the snap set with the tool it comes with.

 Here it is snapped around my wrist.
 I took an old cloth and dabbed it in my yummy teal acrylic paint.
 I didn't saturate it, as I waned the pattern to still be visible.
 All done!

I didn't put any finish on it, but I suppose you could.
I've worn mine several times and had no issue with the paint rubbing off.

One of these days I'll get around to painting my very own design with multiple colors on a plain leather cuff.

Hope you found some inspiration for a new project!

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